DuPont's Newly Developed PTC Carbon Resistor Compositions

We at Insulectro are proud to be associated with a manufacturer and supplier like DuPont. As a former DuPont employee (~25 years), I have first-hand knowledge of how DuPont is committed to channeling its energy and focusing on developing new and improved compositions to address the market's need.

Therefore, it is of no surprise to see that DuPont has been developing a new carbon-based positive thermal coefficient of resistance (PTC) compositions targeting various onset operating temperatures. PTC heaters have unique molecular behavior that creates a "smart material" capable of self-regulating its temperature without a feedback loop or any type of electronic control.

This enables screen-printed smart heater elements with no need for a feedback loop, allowing excellent product innovation and creativity.

Although the newly developed line of PTC inks is not available yet as commercial products, it is worth knowing that there have been great strides and critical performance improvements.

DuPont has recently done some excellent work to improve its PTC products and expand its offering in this field. The newly developed R&D samples cover a range of higher and lower operational PTC temperatures, improved viscosity stability, and more controllable print thickness than the current PTC Carbon Resistor 7292.

Highlighting these new inks' developments is an example of the drive that DuPont has to continuously push the limits of current and new technology applications targeting beneficial technical outcomes and fostering innovation.