Insulectro has partnered with DuPont, to serve as the leading supplier of DuPont Tedlar®. Made of 100% fluororesin PVF, Tedlar® has introduced new dimensions of surface protection, security and safety in a wide variety of applications.
Some of the markets where Tedlar® is currently used are Aerospace, Building & Construction, Transportation, Signage & Graphics, Wallcoverings, Solar, and Healthcare, among others.
Insulectro’s initial foray into the Tedlar® arena is with heat sealable film used in the manufacture of gas bags. Tedlar® release films offer gas permeation resistance into and out of the sample bags, assuring sample integrity. Because Tedlar® is chemically inert, it will not react with or alter the composition of the wide range of collected chemicals in your sample. Teldar® film has been the industry gold standard for years due to superior inertness, impermeability and abrasion resistance.
Other applications for Tedlar® include Release Material for a variety of applications. Tedlar® release films provide outstanding release from acrylics, phenolics and epoxies. Tedlar® films have excellent balance, high temperature capability, conformability, toughness and release from bonding adhesives. Tedlar® contains no silicone thus alleviating industry concern for potential migration to other substrates that come in contact with the release film which could cause downstream processing and end use issues.
Tedlar® release films help reduce manufacturing costsin multiple ways. With an excellent release from resin systems, the need for wet-applied release additional agents is eliminated. Also, with a matte finish and a high level of surface quality, manufacturing steps, such as sanding, are eliminated and rejection and re-work rates are greatly reduced.

The new clear DuPont™ Tedlar® film is the ideal surfacing material for graffiti resistance and protection against fading and corrosion, keeping outdoor signage looking newer longer. Where UV exposures are harsh and cause damage to the image, a layer of Tedlar® Graphic Protection film provides years of added protection.
We encourage our customers to develop new ideas for Tedlar®, and to dream big. Please contact your Insulectro representative, to learn more about the many uses and benefits of Tedlar®.