DuPont™ PV412

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DuPont™ PV412 photovoltaic metallization paste is designed for use on devices where a Transparent Conductive Oxide is utilized. It is ideal for use with Copper Indium Gallium Selenide (CIGS), Amorphous Silicon (a-Si) on flexible substrates, and Heterojunction with intrinsic thin layers (HIT) PV cells, and also suitable for any PV application where a low temperature curing conductor is required. Key features include fine line printing down to 80um resolution, long screen residence time for robust printer operation, low contact resistance, low gridline resistance, high adhesion to indium tin oxide, and strong compatibility with most transparent conductive oxides

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DuPont™ Solamet® PV412 - A screen printed silver conductor for fine line printing on CIGS and other Thin Film solar cells. It provides low grid line resistance (Rgl), low contact resistance (Rc) to TCO, and is compatible with many TCOs. PV412 can be printed with manual, semi-automatic, and reel-to-reel screen print equipment. FOR REFERENCE ONLY

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