Insulectro exhibited at the 2021 CAMX trade show October 19 -21 in Dallas, TX profiling its portfolio of advanced substrates that can be used not only in the printed electronics industry but in the non-electronic composites industry as well.

Featuring advanced substrates from such manufacturers as DuPont, TCI, Saint-Gobain, Pacothane, Coveme, and Kodak, and now FLEXcon, the Insulectro line card offers attendees the opportunity to learn about release films and other products.

Composite manufacturing is an exciting evolving marketplace that relies on materials that are ultralight and ultrastrong. Aviation and transportation are two strong verticals exploring new technologies with carbon fiber, resins, and coatings to name a few.

This industry is shaping the way products are designed and developed in powerful new ways. Lighter, stronger, and more energy-efficient, composites are integral to the future of smart and innovative manufacturing and product solutions.