The Insulectro Printed Electronics team is excited to announce a new Kemafoil® KTF PET Thermoformable film that is now being produced by Coveme specifically for the In-Mold Electronics market. This is an exciting new product for our In-Mold Electronics customers and should prove to be a real game changer when choosing materials for In-Mold Electronics.

There are several advantages in using polyester vs polycarbonate including much better intrinsic chemical resistance and higher mar resistance vs polycarbonate. Polyester also offers higher stiffness than polycarbonate which allows the use of thinner materials.

The use of polyester vs polycarbonate also allows for higher drying temperatures which equates to higher conductivity, and much better throughput. Coveme has developed four versions of the KTF product.

We believe the real stars will be the KTF HC and the KTF HCH which are single and dual hard-coated versions with a PET liner. There are also two non hard-coated versions, KTF P and KTF HP, which have a polyolefin liner. Michele Vannini with Coveme stated that “Coveme has always looked at ways to add value to polyester films. With this new product we have been able to go beyond our expectations. We use the best thermoformable PET available, add our own recipe for dual cure hard coating, innovate with a PET liner that can be kept in place during the entire process, and we use our chemical etching process to increase PET surface energy for better printability.”

Insulectro is excited to offer this new and innovative product to our IME customers and witness the positive impact it will have in the industry. Contact me or your Insulectro Printed Electronics representative to learn more. We are available for a detailed presentation of these fantastic new products.


David Schneider

Printed Electronics Specialist| 913-259-8230