Insulectro is well known as the largest supplier of materials used to manufacture printed circuit boards. This includes our rapidly growing substrate division making Insulectro your one-stop shop for printed electronics. In addition to being a first-in-class supplier, product specialists at Insulectro have in-depth product knowledge offering process consultations and onsite training to ensure the very best products are selected for each critical need. 

Insulectro readily stocks an ever-growing assortment of substrates and this month we are highlighting Coveme Kemafoil® HSPL.

Kemafoil® HSPL is a range of Coveme TCA (trichloroacetic acid) treated and heat stabilized polyester films with high surface tension and a very low residual shrinkage. They guarantee excellent dimensional stability and outstanding adhesion with conductive inks (carbon, silver, dielectric, etc), adhesives, and lacquers. 

Some of the characteristics that make Kemafoil® HSPL a great substrate for printed electronics include:

  • Excellent conductive inks adhesion, maintaining electrical input transport during patient movements
  • High bond with cushion substrates and premium dimensional stability
  • Tear resistance