Frequently Asked Questions

Inks/Substrates and Films

What ink suppliers do you represent?

We sell Celanese Micromax™ inks exclusively.

How are your inks priced?

All inks are priced by the gram.

What substitutions do you have for the ink I'm currently using?

We are happy to advise you on product substitutions, please see our product listings on this site or call us for more information.

What substrate suppliers do you represent?

We offer a variety of substrates and films by Coveme, Kodak, Flexcon, TCI, Saint-Gobain, and DuPont Teijin Films™.

Do you have SDS and TDS available for all inks?

Much information is provided on each product page on the site. In some instances we have PDFs of sales collateral for the products which may be downloaded.

Are inks samples available?

We do not offer samples of inks.

What width sizes of substrates do you offer?

Widths vary by manufacturer. Visit specific product page for more information.

Do you do custom fabrication?

With certain limitations, we are able to offer custom fabrication, please contact us.

What core sizes of substrates so you offer?

We offer 3 inch and 6 inch cores.

Do you have SDS and TDS available for all substrates?

Much information is provided on each product page on the site. In some cases you may download sales collateral about the product.

Are samples of the substrates available?

We do not offer samples.

Do you offer anything besides inks and substrates?

We offer a variety of consumable products used in the manufacture of printed electronics, call us for details.


Are volume discounts available?

Depending on the product, volume discounts may be available. Please contact us for assistance.

Does pricing change for fluctuations in the precious metals market?

Since many inks contain precious metals, our pricing is continuously being updated.

How are inks priced?

Inks are priced by the gram.

How are substrates priced?

Substrates are available in sheets priced by square footage or in rolls priced by linear foot dependant upon width.

Purchasing & Policies

Who is qualified to purchase inks and substrates?

We sell materials in North America to adult purchasers who set up an account with us. All orders are verified. We adhere to ITAR policies and directives as well as any restrictions placed on us by our suppliers.

What payment methods do you accept?

Online payments are by credit card only. To establish credit with a purchase order, please contact us.

When will my credit card be charged?

Credit cards are charged when product is shipped.

Can I purchase materials with a tax-exempt certificate?

At time of purchase you may upload a PDF of your Tax Exemption certificate.

What is your return policy?

Because of the nature of the materials, we do not accept returns.

What is your cancellation policy?

We do not accept cancellations.

Are your materials covered by warranty?

As a distributor, Insulectro does not warranty the materials we sell. Please check with the manufacturer for additional information.


Where do you ship from?

Insulectro has 11 stocking locations in North America with our Londonderry, New Hampshire, distribution center as primary for printed electronics materials. Prices are FOB Londonderry.

What if my materials arrive damaged?

Customer should contact your freight carrier to make a claim.

What is shipment doesn't arrive on time?

We will provide an estimated shipping date and alert you to any delays.

What kind of technical support do you offer?

Insulectro is ready to advise you on proper material selection. After the sale, our product specialists can assist with process questions and issues.

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