Printed Electronics Inks & Advanced Substrates

Insulectro Printed Electronics was forged from the realization that the typical methods of creating electronic circuits is evolving, rapidly. New technologies are demanding innovative methods that will replace the old.

Leveraging decades of knowledge about the distribution of printed circuit board materials, Insulectro brings its acclaimed brand strategy to a new technology – circuitry created from screened conductive inks on flexible substrates – printed electronics.

By necessity, these circuits are fast, low-loss, thin, reliable, and flexible – traits demanded by new applications in aerospace, transportation, medical, industrial, automotive, and defense markets. It’s the future of electronics and true to the Insulectro tradition, we are pioneering this new frontier. Being the largest distributor of PCB materials in North America and with five decades of strategic acquisition that has achieved brand and marketplace dominance, we passionately embrace the possibilities created by printed electronics.

Our key learnings have served us well. Offer the best-in-class products from world-class suppliers, deliver it at breakneck speed from regional stocking locations near our customers, and implement/follow-up with exceptional field support. This is the Insulectro difference. It is our promise to our customers.

Leading with Celanese Micromax™ conductive inks and pastes, Insulectro Printed Electronics offers an extensive offering of low temperature curing inks for flexible substrates that will enable a variety of advanced electronics applications. With an expanding range of new, innovative products targeted to critical customer applications, Celanese and Insulectro are driving the revolution to printed electronics.

Our vision is to always to be vital in the design and manufacture of future circuits. With each new technical revelation, we, too, evolve to better serve our customers and their challenges. We serve to enable our customers to build better circuits, faster, whether on rigid boards, flex, or printed electronics substrates.

With the dynamics of the marketplace changing, keeping up can be a challenge. Insulectro Printed Electronics is uniquely positioned to keep its customers current with cutting-edge technologies, our one-stop shop of innovation materials, and our intense product knowledge of highly engineered materials. As technology continues to evolve and dominate our lives, fabricators and OEMs need new breakthrough products, creative designs, and a strong, dependable supply chain. Insulectro exists to help its suppliers and customers thrive. Then, now, and later.

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