“Insulectro Printed Electronics has had a fantastic year distributing DuPont conductive inks and pastes and a wide array of best-in-class substrates,” announced Tim Redfern, President of Insulectro Printed Electronics.

“Because of the wide variety of substrates offered and our intention to aggressively market them, I am pleased to announce Jeffrey Crawford coming on board.

"Jeff comes to us from DuPont Specialty Products where Jeff enjoyed a 20-year career in a variety of key positions. His last six years at DuPont were spent supporting Tedlar® PVF Films, a protective surface product distributed by Insulectro,” stated Redfern.

Crawford received his MS degree in chemistry from Drexel University. He received his undergraduate degree in chemistry from Shippensburg University. He is the author of many academic papers and shares a patent on Spin Printing of Electronic and Display Components.

During his time at DuPont, Crawford held positions ranging from Materials Scientist, Application Development Specialist (Tedlar®) to Technical Sales Business Development Manager.

“Jeff is the right guy at the right place and right time for Insulectro,” enthused Insulectro Vice President of Sales Kevin Miller. “He has a thorough knowledge of substrates and meshes his science understandings with business development. We look forward to seeing where Jeff can take us.

“With over 20 years in the industry, Jeff has a unique ability to look at problems in different ways. He’s a Six Sigma versatile and efficient professional with leadership training and experience.” Miller concluded.