We recognized many years ago the building demand for flex and rigid-flex fabrication and assembly and needed a plan to ensure that Lenthor was going to be positioned to meet both the projected future demands from our existing customer base while still continuing to grow that customer base.

The basic outline of this plan centered on facilities requirements and equipment need. We engaged professional help with the facilities plans and worked closely with our equipment suppliers to identify the right equipment for the technology needs we saw coming. Once we had cleared our minds of these concerns we quickly realized that without the basic raw materials needed to build to this new expectation our new facility and the equipment housed within it we would never run to its fullest capability.

This is when Mark Lencioni (Lenthor President and CEO) and Rich Clemente (Lenthor GM) called in our local Insulectro team, Patrick Redfern, Steve Piatt and Chris Hunrath, to help us solve our supply chain questions.

Building on a relationship of over 30 years Insulectro and Lenthor Worked together to identify the gaps not only in inventory levels but also to identify which materials might see growth in demand and which new materials Lenthor should be engaged with.

To help solve the inventory level issues, Insulectro proposed forecast driven supply levels to be stored at Insulectro. We together introduced a cleaner purchasing cycle with set demand levels and material pull systems that allowed Lenthor to maintain a lean inventory condition on site with Insulectro making system driven deliveries.

Today, we are engaged with Insulectro on a more ERP driven format that would allow Lenthor to understand its material inventory availability at initial customer interface.

Lenthor Engineering looks forward to continued growth. With that growth, we fully expect Insulectro to be there right along with us helping to identify future material demands from both a technical position as well as continuing to evolve on the inventory supply side.

Mark Lencioni

President & CEO
Lenthor Engineering
Milpitas, CA