We distribute Advanced Substrate products like PTFE, FEP, PFA ETFE substrates, Polyimide films, Fired-On inks, Wearable inks, Ceramic substrates, PVF substrates, PET Release liners and the list goes on and our markets are expanding.

After working 25 years in the Printed Circuit Board industry, I began managing the Printed Electronics Business. It soon became quite apparent how many markets this additive technology serves. The main difference was the PE manufacturing is an additive process versus the PCB process being subtractive. We initially focused on the membrane switch market which is a functional low-cost flexible conductor with connectors mainly found in appliances, white goods and box builds but as we worked closer with our suppliers this was just an intro to the many markets available for INSULECTRO to serve and support.

We set out on being a one stop shop to this initial Membrane Switch market by supplying the silver conductive inks, dielectric inks, carbon inks, PET substrates, PSA, screening products, etc. We took a similar strategy utilized in the growth of the Printed Circuit Board business where we supplied “Best in Class Products” with technical support with speed of delivery and our business grew. At the same time, we were being asked by our customers and suppliers to support other products.

So, the markets we serve in the Printed Electronics group includes the following and keeps on growing as we develop and find other adjacent markets for our product offerings:

  • Membrane Switch: (Silver ink, Dielectric, PSA & PET)
  • Heaters: (Silver Inks, Carbon & PET
  • Medical: (Silver ink, Dielectric, ETFE & PET)
  • Signage & Graphics (Tedlar)
  • Fired-On: (High Temp Inks & Ceramic substrates)
  • Apparel: (PET release liners, TPU, & Wearable inks
  • Fuel Cells (Kapton® & FEP)
  • Gas Bag Markets: (Tedlar® & Kapton®)
  • Architectural protection: (Tedlar®)

Supporting these adjacent markets and our teams technical knowledge allows us to better serve our customers in selecting the right advanced substrate to support various markets. Our in-house custom fabrication capabilities which provide our customer base with custom rewind, slitting, tooling & converting to each customer needs and requirements differentiate us from the competition. We offer supply chain programs for immediate delivery which can include same day shipments.  

The Printed Electronics team is committed to provide a high level of the customer service, quick response and technical help to support and service all your needs. Please call us at 1-855-955-0200 to test the commitment!   

Kevin Miller, VP of Sales