As we begin the process of getting back to normal, which includes returning to the office, visiting customers, and supporting our industry by participating in an important tradeshow, we are excited for INSULECTRO to take part in this event this year.

Empire’s Partners in Printing Expo will be held July 20th - 22nd, 2021 at the La Crosse Center, La Crosse, Wisconsin.

This will be the first show the INSULECTRO Printed electronics team will be attending, and we will showcase our DuPont Conductive Inks & Advanced Substrates from multiple suppliers.

This event started back in 2010, a small group of employees organized the first National Sales Meeting at Empire Screen Printing in Onalaska, Wisconsin. What started out as an opportunity to bring their national sales reps together to network ideas through print education turned into a multifaceted mission: to provide education in printing, promote the industry and its suppliers, provide unique networking opportunities, illustrate how to be good stewards of the environment, and leave a legacy for future generations.

The following is a list of events scheduled for this expo:
* Partners in Printing | 3M Cup Celebrity Golf Tournament
* Rooftop Sponsor Party
* Partners in Printing Professional Learning
* Wisconsin Backyard BBQ
* Late Night Networkers Afterparty
* Partners in Printing Expo
* Tattoos and Tailgates Concert Series

Insulectro Printed Electronics is excited to participate in this live show and provide in-person support and technical assistance to our customer base and OEM community!