Roughly twenty plus years ago during our move to the East Coast, it became very apparent that in order to grow we needed a strong sales team and then we needed to execute.

We had two facilities in New Hampshire, after acquiring Midlantic NE, and between the business we supported and the laminate business they were growing we needed a very strong operations manager.

David Klebba loaded up his Ford Bronco and made the trip across the USA from sunny California to support the growth and our new product lines. The rest is history and Dave’s commitment, drive, system knowledge and putting a strong team together made it happen. Dave spent roughly 10 years supporting our expansion in the Eastern coast and was a big part of the success. Dave eventually moved back to support Lake Forest team.

So here we are in 1st Qtr. 2021 we have acquired ECEMS, Printed Electronic business is exploding with new suppliers, new equipment installation in our distribution centers, plus new associates joining our team, and, who do we call to support and train these new associates - Dave Klebba, a 28-year veteran!

He brings other team members from headquarters like Robert Graham and of course the NH team is here to support as well. Other team members, in all departments, are working diligently across the country to make this transition transparent to our customers.

Together they have integrated and worked long hours to support this new chemistry line into our Midwest, Rocky Mountains and East Coast facilities. Teamwork at its finest as we welcome the ECEMS team to the INSULECTRO family!

At the same time, the Printed Electronics is expanding, providing new advanced substrates to the product portfolio, so we establish a cross functional team that includes sales, operations and purchasing to establish the requirements and equipment to support this new product.

A few months later, we are up and running - converting materials and making customers happy. This Team approach get stuff done fast!

I can see the team approach working across all our branches and it’s a big reason why we have been successful supporting our customer, suppliers, and growing our business in the PCB and PE Industries.