Micromax® 5056

Item number: DP505600-500G

Micromax™ 5056 is a unique solvent-based screen printable white ink that is formulated for the purpose of a flexible white reflective solder mask
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material notes

Micromax™ 5056 (formerly known as DuPont™ 5056) is a unique blend of pigments in a well suited for printing on polyimide substrates in applications where high conductivity and very high operating temperatures are required, such as copper cladded flex circuits or boards. This product is flexible and highly reflective which make it beneficial as a backplane for LED applications. It can be printed using a 200SS mesh screen yielding a dry film thickness of 0.001" and dried at 130-150°C for 5-10 minutes. Thinner film builds can be achieved with higher mesh counts, although 0.001" or 25 microns is the recommended dry film thickness. Thinning can be achieved using Micromax™ 8260 solvent. FOR REFERENCE ONLY

Key Properties

adhesion -
No material removal

coverage -

flexibility -
No cracking with 45° bend

operating temp -

viscosity pa -
45-85 Pa∙s

volume resistivity -