DuPont 5065

Item number: DP506500-1KG

A solvent-based, screen printable highly-conductive silver-filled ink. It is recommended where high conductivity is a must in circuit applications

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material notes

DuPont 5065 was formulated to meet the demands of high conductivity in printed electronic applications where lower resistance is absolutely necessary for circuit performance such as in RFID antenna applications. Typical substrates include polyester, paper, and synthetic paper. It can be screen-printed using a 200SS mesh screen yielding a dry film thickness of 0.0005" in thickness. It can be dried between 120°-140°C in 1-6 minutes in a conveyor oven or 15-30 minutes in a box oven. Lower temperatures require longer drying times to remove all of the solvents. Drying is also dependent on air flow and equipment design. Thinning can be achieved using DuPont 8260 solvent. FOR REFERENCE ONLY

Key Properties