Micromax® 8144

Item number: DP814400-1KG

A screen printable, solvent-based carbon filled conductive ink used for overprinting on 5025 and for printing on ITO coated substrates.

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material notes

Micromax™ 8144 (formerly known as DuPont™ 8144) is a solvent-based screen printable carbon ink used as an overprint for 5025 or in printing electroluminescent lamps. This ink can be used as a cost-effective backplane that enables effective lamp operation while protecting the lamp against moisture through the use of hydrophilic binders and improve longevity. The resin system is formulated for adhesion to sputtered ITO coated substrates. This can be printed using a 230SS mesh screen (or other mesh counts and materials such as polyester) yielding a dry film thickness of 0.0005". It can be dried between 120°-140°C in 1-6 minutes in a conveyor oven or 15-30 minutes in a box oven. Lower temperatures require longer drying times to remove all of the solvents. Drying is also dependent on air flow and equipment design. Dilution can be achieved with Micromax™ 8210. FOR REFERENCE ONLY

Key Properties

adhesion -
No material removal – ASTM F1842 Tape Test

coverage -
110-130 cm²/g/mil

flexibility -

operating temp -

viscosity pa -
35-75 Pa.S

volume resistivity -
80-120 Ohms/sq/mil