Micromax® CB100

Item number: DPCB1000-100G

A conductive ink used for filling vias on a printed circuit board

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material notes

Micromax™ CB100 (formerly known as DuPont™ CB100) is a one part epoxy conductive via plug paste used to generate high conductivity plateable vias for ball grid arrays on a printed circuit board. Low cost thermal, planar and buried vias can be formed on a rigid board. This ink has excellent adhesion to copper and readily accepts solder and is plateable. The ink can be applied by 4 mil SS stencil and dried at 110° C for 30 minutes followed by curing at 160°C for 60 minutes. The thinner for this ink is Micromax™ 5928. FOR REFERENCE ONLY

Key Properties

adhesion -

coverage -

flexibility -

operating temp -

viscosity pa -
115 - 145 Pa.S

volume resistivity -