Micromax™ QQ550

Item number: DPQQ5500-100G

A glass-filled screen printable composition designed to encapsulate and protect thick film circuits

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material notes

Micromax™ QQ550 (formerly known as DuPont™ QQ550) is a non-conductive, screen printable ink. It is formulated with glass fillers that make it will suited to encapsulate and protect printed circuitry. It is lead and cadmium free and can be applied to ceramic substrates using a 325SS mesh screen yielding a fired on thickness of 0.0003-0.0004". The recommended process is to allow the prints to dry at room temperature for 10-15 minutes followed by drying at 150°C for 10-15 minutes then fired for 25 minutes with peak temperature of at temperature of 620°C for 4 minutes, then 7-10 minutes at 600°C and at least 25 minutes above 100°C in a 40 minute cycle fired in air. The thinner for this product is Micromax™ 8250. FOR REFERENCE ONLY

Key Properties

adhesion -

coverage -

flexibility -

operating temp -

viscosity pa -

volume resistivity -