Micromax™ QR150

Item number: DPQR1500-100G

A cost effective screen printable gold formulation capable of producing fine features and ultra fine etching

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material notes

Micromax™ QR150 (formerly known as DuPont™ QR150) is a cost effective screen printable high density gold formulation capable of producing a very thin film while resolving fine features and is also capable of ultra fine etching. This ink is pthallate free and will result in excellent edge acuity when etched. DuPont™ QR150 has successfully been printed on several purity levels of polished alumina and over DuPont™ QM44 dielectric. This ink can be printed with a 400SS mesh yielding a fired on thickness of 0.0002". The recommended processing is to allow leveling at room temperature followed by drying at 150°C for 15 minutes and fired using a 30 minute cycle with a 10 minute soak at 850°C. The thinner for this product is Micromax™ 9450. FOR REFERENCE ONLY

Key Properties

adhesion -

coverage -

flexibility -

operating temp -

viscosity pa -
300-400 Pa∙s

volume resistivity -
<5 Ohms/sq @ 10µm